About us

We started our journey in 2015 with one single hoverboard in which we broke down into to pieces to learn the technology, upon this we learned to fix hoverboard's, becoming one of the biggest independant repairers in the UK,now with over 5000 repairs under our belt, throughout our years of sleeping,eating and working on hover boards, we have seen the biggest companies fall due to selling a product they know nothing about, our promise is that any problem we can fix with an hassle free repair service on your segway.

We then moved our attention to creating one of the first Hoverboard Disco's in the UK whilst constantly innovating our ideas to create products such as our light up rechargeable wellies

Since our discos were formed in mid 2016 we have seen over 7000 happy riders pass through of venues doors, we offer fun family entertainment which leads our customers to coming time and time again.

We look after our old and new customers whether you a customer at our disco or buying a hoverboard from our online store, with Hover Disco you can be rest assured that we will be at the end of an email,telephone or at our premises based in the heart of the west midlands.

we are proud to share our dedicated links for our overboard repair services and LED Footwear store.

Flash Wear: www.flashwear.co.uk 

Hoverboard Repairs/Service : www.irollers.co.uk